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You can’t plan for these things. You can have ideas and dreams, but ultimately, none of it is up to you. It’s life. It happens fast and while you’re spending your time floundering about trying to piece together the fragments of your so-called plan, everything is changing around you making your plans incidental and meaningless. You are not in control, none of the decision making is up to you. We’re all simply along for the ride. Good or bad, things happen. The things you get may not be the things that you want, and the things to which you cling may be the things that you lose. No-one is going to ask you what you think is best. Know one is going to take your “plans” under careful consideration. Life isn’t about the arrangements you made, or the ideas that you’ve got for yourself. Life is surviving and adapting and hoping that the things you want somehow align with the things you’ll get. If they don’t? If everything you want falls apart around you and none of these things ever come to fruition? There’s no fighting something so much bigger than you. There is no making it go your way. There’s no dropping out, no starting over, no slowing it down. There’s giving in. There’s resigning yourself to the conditions that have been imposed upon you, but you’re in this for good. This is it. This is your life and it’s happening all around you. Resignation is permanent and irreversible. Life then, is about adaptability. It’s cold, it’s rough but you’ve just got to get over it. You’ve got to keep going and you’ve got to do it now. There is no break. There is no slowing down and hoping that you can take ten deep breaths then catch up. You’ve got to keep living in this moment, in the time and just do your best to keep up.


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