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How sad your life is. Your existence reeks of toil and tumultuousness. How hard it must be to wake up and face a day where everything in your little world is exactly as you left it. No-one has ever known suffering as you have known suffering. You’re a soldier, and I applaud your relentless, unending ability to carry on in the face of the adversarial forces which beat you back day in and day out. Like oh my Gawd, life is like so totally rough . Like you know? The very fact that you can stand under the weight of the crushing oppression and unfairness that you face everyday is a testimony to the unequalled greatness of you. You are the light that guides me toward betterment. Your unending, unparalleled drive to over come is what inspires me. Like totally wow. Like you aren’t handed everything on like a silver platter. Like oh my God, that’s like totally like rough…like.

What the hell is this? I have grown tired of your endless bitching. I can no longer stomach your endless monologue of complaints about the injustice of not having everything… ‘like oh my gawd. He gave ____ to her but I’m like totally better than her and like everything I do is fabulous and everything she does is like not. NOT FAIR!’ You are a child, a toddler suckling at mommy’s titties. Grow up and get over yourself. You are one tiny microscopic cog surrounded by billions of other microscopic cogs who are just as aimless and pointless as you. No-one has time for your jealousy and your unsolicited complaints about everybody else. What makes you think you are so much better? What makes you think you deserve so much more? We are not equals, I am a phoenix and I flew past you a long time ago. You have only begun to dip your filthy little feet in the deep end, yet here I am fully submerged as you throw your pebbles from the shore in your vain attempt to pull me under. You can’t reach me from your island of insignificance. You will never stand above me, you will never have the good fortune of looking down upon me. In all of your self righteous indignation you have missed one thing of paramount importance. You have nothing and you are nothing.

You wear your frown like a badge of honour “Give me things, I am too broken to do for myself”. Your tears and your blubbering idiocies are transparent. You recruit sympathy like it’s an army but anybody worth their supper knows you are a crying child denied candy in the candy store by mommy. You have not won anything with your sad little girl routine, other than the disrespect and admonishment of everybody with a brain. So go to hell and take your petty complaints with you. I do not have time for your selfishness. I do not have time for your self imposed depression or your over used poor poor pitiful me routine. Go out and get a new mantra, your old one is bothersome and incidental. I have issue of my own and things being torn away from me, carrying a sad little girl on my back is a responsibility I do not need.


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